1 Okt 2012

A New Step

Hello Readers,

October is here, and its time I reactive this blog. But this time I am trying something new and something different.

Since my main blog is written in Bahasa, I decided that I would write English entries here instead.

So beginning from this entry, all my future entries in this blog will be written in English.

Though I prefer writing in Bahasa, there is nothing wrong in trying out something new right.

Crabtree Launching !!

A Healthy And Tasty Drink For All !!

p/s in the process of editing this blog ^_^

6 ulasan:

Ayie Abas berkata...

walau entry dlm bahasa inggeris...komen boleh dlm bahasa malaysia kan? hehe

caliph shuriken berkata...

nk comment dlm bhasa jpun..
gambatte ne ^^

puteri kasih berkata...

@Ayie : dalam bahasa apa pun boleh...janji puteri faham..hehe

puteri kasih berkata...

@Caliph : Arigatou...hehe

kaishin berkata...

erk komen bahasa melayu boleh kan..hehe

puteri kasih berkata...

@Kaishin : boleh je cik abg :P hehe